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lez - habit

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lez - habit WMMDL034 - release date 07-2010

DJ Nermin´s Soul45 mix


A new South African Star Lez, rises along with the love of his country's club music. Habit by Lez is the third single from the Waking Monster WMC 2010 E.P. Which looks to complete the hit streak. It comes at you with original mix reconstructed by Keith Thompson along with remixes by Freddy Turner & Jason Nales (Whiplash & Turner), Graham Sahara (Seamless), DJ Circle (Tri-Circle), DJ Nermin (Soul45/Waking Monster),Deep Vintage (Kolonki Rec). Lez (A.K.A) Lesego Mapela, first released When I Fall (produced by Demor of Shana and Black Coffee fame) with killer remixes by Booker T and Wookie on Waking Monster (2008) to strong acclaim in house music circles. But his vocals and songwriting talents go even deeper which is illustrated in this new release. Listen to it's vocals styling and honest commentary. A winner of several talent contest and featured on stage with some of South Africa's finest, he is a rising star with several hits waiting to be released. Stay tuned for more. Produced by Keith Thompson & Lesego Mapela Writer: Lesego Mapela Publisher: Jamlure International (BMI) Thanks to Alex Tom for Midi Reason rescue. Executive Producer: Keith Thompson

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