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keith thompson - borders don´t matter

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waking monster  wmmdl019 - release date 06-2007


Keith Thompson's "Borders Don't Matter" Part 2 delivers on the promise of the first installment; to give us a collection that's musically satisfying as well as banging for the dance floor. Thompson's vocals are soaring and lyrically, the song is brilliant. Upon first hearing it most have said it is a classic! The warm engrossing chorus stays in your mind like a song you've always known. "Love will conquer, no matter what walls they build to divide us. Borders Don't Matter."
Even while touring non-stop internationally, Thompson goes from strength to strength delivering powerful music for all the genres of house with the assistance of unique remixes by Central Ave and Waking Monster label mate, DJ Nermin. Thompson say, "I rarely release my acapellas because of the bootleg market and lack of respect for intellectual property in some countries yet for a limited time only, I want to provide a tool for DJs to work with. Let's hope this spreads the message wider."
1. Central Ave., Vocal Remix
ISRC: US-4XX-07-00023
2. Central Ave., Dub
ISRC: US-4XX-07-00024
3. DJ Nermin Ethnic Remix
ISRC: US-4XX-07-00020
4. Thompson's Original Movin mix
ISRC: US-4XX-07-00016
5. Thompson Acapella Mix
ISRC: US-4XX-07-00029
Bonus track:
KT's Discofied remix
ISRC: US-4XX-07-00018

Produced by Keith Thompson
Writer: Keith Thompson
Publisher: Jamlure International (BMI)
(c) 2007 Waking Monster Media/Jamlure International (BMI), All Rights Reserved.
(P) 2007 Waking Monster Media/Jamlure International, All Rights Reserved.

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