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nermin ft. ayaah - forgive

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waking monster wmmbcdl004 - release date 02-2006



All Star Classic collection of Waking Monster releases - The monster wakes & now it Roars!

Enjoy this first in a series of essentials to come. Be on the alert. The monster roars again with vol. 2 soon.

When the monster roars, everyone listens.

With productions and remixes by Ralf Gum, UBP, Black Coffee, Booker T, Rulers of The Deep, Keith Thompson, Christian Hornbostel, DJ Nermin, Mahoota, it's an essential collection of our standout releases from a field of potential classics. Watch out for Vol.2 coming soon.

cat. No. WMMBCDL004

1.Time by DJ Nermin feat. Ayaah [Nermin re-mix]
This was the release that established their sound and the respect DJ Nermin and vocalist extraordinaire, Ayaah now enjoys. It's now an underground classic. Released July 2005.
Writers: Nermin Hodzic and Alexandra Ayaah Zischg

2.The Rhythm Of Life by The Keith Thompson Project [UBP re-mix]
orig. prod by Tuta Aquino. A confirmed classic 2002 remix by UBP, a Jazz N Groove remix was also part of the package among others. The original was released in 1992 believe or not.

3.Music by Black Coffee
First released by Waking Monster as a single taken from the Worlds Collide vol.1 album, it established Black Coffee's name in the house music market (a member of the group Shana) it set him up as a producer who won South Africa's equivalent of a Grammy. Released Aug 2005.

4.Borders Don't Matter by Keith Thompson [Ralf Gum Classic Vocal mix]
One of the stand out remixes from a two part 2007 release which also included Phil Hooton, and Central Ave remixes. Musical butter!.

5.I Forgive by DJ Nermin feat. Ayaah
A gem of a release that was under appreciated but now being rediscovered and respected.
Soulful and rhythmically, tingling. Released Dec. 2006
Writers: Nermin Hodzic and Alexandra Ayaah Zischg

6.Malombo by Mahoota [Orig. mix]
A classic in South Africa and exposed to the world by Waking Monster, it's a must have
if not already in you collection. Check out the tribal remix by Keith Thompson. Released Oct. 2004.

7. Prescription by Ole Uncle Falker (prod. Brooklyn Blak)
This quirky, track forshadowed the retro house style so popular today yet was release in Aug. 2005 after being held back for 2 years because we weren't sure people were ready for it. Ready now!

8.Africa In Your Veins by Keith Thompson [Christian Horbostel Timba Dub]
Orig prod. By Keith Thompson, the original version was an anthem in Africa, along with the Mahoota remix, and the Hornbostel remix spread the vibe internationally. Released 2005.

9.Ora Cabessa by Bazwaana [ Thompson reconstruction] prod. By Jerah
A serious cut up and reconstruction of Free My Soul, this drives them made on the floor. Serious DJ weapon. Released July 2006.

10.Let Love by DJ Nermin feat. Ayaah [Rulers Of The Deep mix]
Released 2006 on limited pressed vinyl, it sold out in one week and became an underground favorite immediately.
Writers: Nermin Hodzic and Alexandra Ayaah Zischg

11. When I Fall by Lez [Booker T Vocal mix]
prod by Demor (of Shana now enjoy wider exposure in Europe from the Ralf Gum remixes of Uyangichomela). Booker T's remix has become the definitive version by connoisseur of quality, pumping house. Released January 2008.

Enjoy this first in a series of essentials to come. Be on the alert. The monster roars again with vol. 2 soon.

Executive Producer: Keith Thompson
Compiled by Waking Monster Media's Keith Thompson

© 2008 Waking Monster Media, all rights reserved.
(P) 2008 Waking Monster Media, all rights reserved.

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