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nermin was born in 1966 in zagreb, croatia. after his parents emigrated to germany, he grew up there. from a very early stage on he was interested in dance music. as a ten years old boy he started collecting records from rock to soul. disco music from the seventies became his biggest love - and, is still influential in his work. 1979 nermin started with 13 years his dj 1981, just 15 years old, nermin had his official club debut as a dj. playing funk and soul records initially, he always has been improving his sets, adding new dance styles to them. in 1983 he played his first hip-hop tracks and one year later he mixed them up with the first funky electronic records, like: "planet rock" or "rockit". in 1991 nermin opened his first own club, the“dome“, which became one of the most famous venues in germany by that time. in 1993, when techno became a more and more boring thing for him, he went back to his roots: funky house music. consequentially nermin realized the conception of the“cuba“in 1998, which became also one of the most famous clubs in Austria. having worked mainly for his club the recent years, he is now back again: producing his own tracks and rocking the dancefloors, as one of the most experienced djs in germany and austria. Since 2004 nermin appears as an artist on “waking monster new york”, the label of housemusic legend keith thompson. in may 2006 nermin founded his own label “soul45


dome – lindau, germany | cuba – bregenz, austria | heaven/U4 – vienna, austria | volksgarten – vienna, austria | flex – vienna, austria | meierei – vienna, austria | park cafe – münchen, germany | neutron – frankfurt, germany | antaris - winterthur, switzerland | conrad sohm - dornbirn, austria | orient – schaffhausen, switzerland | gonzales – ravensburg, germany |novembar - innsbruck, austria | metro – friedrichshafen, germany | mecca – prague, czech Republic | rauch - feldkirch, austria | the bar - sarajevo, bosnia | empire - miami, usa | entiende - vienna, austria | pukanaka - brunico, italy | carpe diem - hvar, croatia | social jazz club - sofia,bulgaria | soundplanet - kiev,ukraine | beatbox - konstanz,germany

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